New router solution: back to an actual computer

I’m back to using a big bad power-sucking computer with a bunch of hangers-on boxes for my routing solution. I feel much more confident now, but a bit bad about the extra wattage.

See, I had been using this Speedtouch 585 wonderbox from my ISP, the National Capital Freenet – who I love. It seemed ideal: one box for DSL modem, router, wireless AP and four wired connections.

But of late it’s been going catatonic. Either ignoring some port forwarding rules or locking up altogether. And my question to the DSL support forum went unanswered so either I’m the only one who’s ever had this problem or it’s just Speedtouch’s secret shame whose name no one dares speak. Whatever. It had to go.

So I’m back with my Smoothwall linux box. Only this time with the latest version of it and a proper DMZ for my server.

The smoothwall got me through a denial of service attack way back. When you’re beset with actual problems there’s nothing like a router with actual logs and proper intrusion detection and IP blocking to help you out.

There may be a few glitches (please let me know) but otherwise, I think I’ve learned my lesson.