About Jungle Internet

Jungle internet is a sole proprietorship small business of Chris Lawson.

Chris’s fascination with computer-mediated communication has followed him through a 25 year career doing print design, communications, media relations, writing, and (starting in 1996) creating websites.

There’s always been a strong demand for his skills so in addition to being employed full time by a number of organizations, he has done freelance work to keep his skills sharp and explore his interest in using computers to improve the way organizations communicate and get their work done.

In February 2016 he left his full time job to become a self-employed web producer working with small businesses, organizations and individuals needing a variety of services from strategic advice, to content strategy and information architecture, right down to server maintenance, content administration and website building.

He’s done business under the name Jungle Internet since 1994 when he took over an amateur computer bulletin board called The Jungle.

The Jungle started in 1988 on a MacPlus connected to a 2400 BAUD modem. Kenroy Harrison started the Jungle as a way for other desktop publishers to exchange ideas, files and information, using FirstClass messaging and groupware.

Kenroy eventually grew tired of running the board and living in Canada so he moved to Japan. Jack Hicks took over the board from Kenroy in 1993. But then Jack got a better job up in Iqaluit so he moved.

The Jungle BBS ran until December 2003. When it went dark, it had a handful of users who used it exclusively for internet email. The online community was long dead.

Chris continues to do business under the domain name to honour the history of the bulletin board and the belief in online community.