It’s hard to believe the Bruce Peninsula is in Ontario. The cliffs, the turquoise water, the vastness of the bay, all seem other-worldly. The three of us spent a week mostly hiking but also sea kayaking and boat touring at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, near Tobermory.

Three of us - Karin Cathy and Chris - went hiking, kayaking and car camping on the northern end of the Bruce Trail. The trail runs through southern Ontario, through the urban scrub of the Golden Horseshoe, all the way up to Tobermory.

I can't help but think we did the most beautiful part of the trail.

These pages are our group trip journal and photographs. If you are interested in taking a similar trip, check our links page. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

The narrative might seem a bit colourful. We make no apologies. But you can always just skip to the photo page.

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