August 14, 2002

So we're here at Cape Croker Indian Park, car camping, albeit in a beautiful setting. We're all nestled into Cathy's monster tent, listening to talk radio blaring from the camp site two down from us.

I think we're pretty happy.

We got rolling this morning at around 9am. We ran some last minute errands (what would a camping trip be without organic, fair trade coffee from Bridgehead, I ask you) and were headed out of town by 10am.

We decided to take the scenic route so we deeked across a dazzling array of secondary and tertiary roads (41, 121, 28, 118 to name a few) through cottage country, and up the Bruce Peninsula. We arrived at the park by about 7pm.

Karin cooked a delicious pasta with fresh mozzaralla in a tomato herb garlic sauce. And we toasted the trip with a fine Spanish wine.

We are living with the duality of car camping and backcountry hiking. We have dual everything. Two towels, two toiletry kits, two tents...


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