Gear fetishism

Mountain Equipment Co-op
Good value for money on all sorts of outdoor gear. Given the location of their Ottawa retail store, we can be grateful for their on-line version. Some fairly serious canoe tripping gear, but things like food barrells, foldable sinks, canoe packs you have to go to either...

Always worth a visit, because they carry stuff that neither MEC nor Trailhead carry. They have a web store now. Can't say as I've tried it. As of Aug 1, 2002, a lot of their stuff isn't available for purchase online.

Dreadful web site but at least you can find out what they offer on rental and what it costs. They sell the widest variety of hardcore tripping gear, but their clothing is more style than substance. MEC is better on average, for clothing

Parks, routes, trips

Bruce Trail Association
The association is a volunteer organziation that maintains the trail and does environmental advocacy work on the Niagara Escarpment. Membership isn't required to hike the Bruce, but it's a good idea. Check out the maps page.

Peninsula Bruce Trail Club
The Association is divided up into area clubs. This is the web page for the club that covers the area we hiked.

Cape Croker Indian Park
Car camping park where we stayed, run by the Chippewas of Nawash, one of two Ojibwa nations in southwest Ontario. Site has cheesey music on the front page but you can start the reservation process on-line.

Bruce Peninsula National Park
Hideously ugly and unhelpful web site. Doesn't look like it's been updated in five years. Here:

Phone: (519) 596-2364 ext. 453
Off-season inquiries: (519) 596-2233 you don't have to visit it.

Ram Marine
The place where we rented our kayaks. Good boats nice people. For $10 they'll drop and retrieve the boats whereever you want as late as 7pm for a day rental.

Other trip journals

Cedar-Burntroot Loop
A four day solo canoe trip in Algonquin Provincial Park in early September 2003.

The North Boundary Loop
A ten day canoe trip around Killarney Provincial Park with my partner Irene Jansen in late July, early August 2003.

The Kiosk Loop
I did a canoe trip through the north end of Algonquin Park, with my partner Irene Jansen in June 2003.

Palmer Rapids
I spent a weekend learning to paddle whitewater with the Ottawa Y Canoe Camping Club at Palmer Rapids on the Madawaska River in May 2003.

Killarney Thanksgiving
A canoe trip with the Ottawa Y Canoe Camping Club in Killarney Park in October 2003.

Chris’s French River trip
A canoe trip with the Ottawa Y Canoe Camping Club on the French River in July 2002. Here’s my trip report.

Chris’s Georgian Bay trip
A sea-kayaking trip with the Ottawa Outing Club in August 2002. Here’s my trip report.

Killarney trip
A canoe trip with some friends in Killarney Provincial Park in July 2001. Here’s our group journal.

Chris’s Temagami trip
A canoe trip with the Ottawa Outing Club in Temagami in July 2000. Here’s my trip report.

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