Content writing and wrangling

Content is king. They say that. But if it were true it would come with its own army. Of writers and editors who act as drill sergeants keeping all those laggard pages in line.

But it doesn’t. In fact content is probably the most impoverished aspect of any website. Even news sites seem to be engaged in an eternal campaign to pay less for or create less content.

Before you ask I’ll answer: because content doesn’t make you any money or let you show any conversions. It’s something you give away to be generous in the hope that someday you will be rewarded by the elevated reputation you have on the web that comes from having good content.

Nice as that sounds, it doesn’t give you anything right now. And so often that’s what matters.

But if you are willing to invest in good content, if you are feeling generous toward your audience, I can create content for you.

Or if your past efforts at generosity are looking a bit like the morning after the night before, and you could use a drill sergeant  for your content, I can do that too.