Moving from car to canoe
Lynne cooks tofu faijitas
thermarest chairs rock

Sunday 7/15/2001 10:25pm

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cmkl: We're on George Lake Killarney Provincial Park, exactly where we're supposed to be. But if you'd told me this morning that's where I'd be I would have scarcely believed you.

See, our first portage was from Lynne's car to Cathy's car, this morning in front of Karin's apartment. We'd spent most of Saturday afternoon packing and doing last minute shopping at Lynne's place. Then, Sunday morning (this morning) Lynne drove over to my place, picked me up, then drove to Karin's place, then her car died.

Alternator. No way it was going anywhere. Karin called Cathy, originally to warn her "we're gonna be a little late." Then when we learned Lynne's car wasn't going anywhere, Cathy said "why don't we fit it all in my car?" I think I was probably alone in thinking "no way." But it all fit. And we didn't even have stuff in our laps.

So we left Lynne's car at the gas station and headed out, maybe 20 minutes after our anticipated 10am escape-from-Ottawa time.

cr: We're not suffering for food. First dinner: tofu fajitas, banana boats for dessert (a mélange of banana, marshmellow and chocolate chips). We toasted our arrival with red wine. Tempting to drink it all to lighten the load in the food barrell. But we resisted in the interest of not making tomorrow's portages any harder than they're already going to be.

Karin and Lynne are having a second, moonlit - well, starlit, swim. “No looking” is our motto. They're swimming off the banana boat-induced sugar high. "Beautiful," Lynne reports.

cmkl: When we arrived at the park office there was this map of Killarney with all these little bits of paper pinned to it. Written on the bits were things like "Saw bear 7/10/01". "Bitten by water snake, 7/7/01." "Saw huge water snake." Arrayed near this display were several bits of camping gear that had been mauled by bears.

Now we'd all known about bears. But water snakes? I asked the ranger issuing us our permit: "Are water snakes poisonous?"

"I can't say, really, I don't know."

I said I figured they couldn't be that poisonous, given that the person made it back to tell about being bitten, to which Cathy replied, "well, they didn't say who got bit by the snake." Ever since we've been making jokes about "huge water snakes."

kj: The big dipper is directly over our campsite - from the lake it looks like a sign for our spectacular outdoor restaurant. Our canoes rock. (Once you get over the fact that you can pretty much see right through them...)

We've taken the barrell (as yet unnamed) for a walk and suspended our overflow. Bring on the wildlife. Except for the bugs. We have enough bugs, thank you.

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