setting out from David
Rock Grrls
paddling to Carlyle
site 65 rocked
dodging the bugs til bedtime

Thursday July 19th, 2001. Carlyle Lake. Evening

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cmkl: We're poised to make our spectacular re-entry into civilization. Only what to wear? Lynne seems to have discovered the sartorial secret of the century. She has on this pair of ghastly yellow socks she got on an Air Ontario flight. She's dancing around wearing Cathy's bra over her t-shirt.

You might say we've degenerated some. It all started with the fisting discussion, I reckon.

We're on Carlyle Lake. We can see the start of our first of tomorrow's several portages across the bay. Our site is quite spiff. Up atop a pink granite hill, on a point overlooking a secluded bay. We just watched a loon take off, so close we could hear its wings beating.

We got up this morning about 7am and were on the water by about 9:20. For the first time on the trip the wind was a factor (against us if you have to ask).

We were anxious about finding a site at the right part of Carlyle Lake, so we decided to hustle... and promptly confused ourselves on our first portage from David Lake to some tiny pisshole thing that they didn't bother naming. Actually what happened was that I tried to scout without a map. We eventually found the next portage - a 940m into Clearsilver Lake.

Then we strolled through the 830m from Clearsilver to Johnnie Lake. Then we paddled. And paddled. All the way to where we are now.

lp: Day 5 according to Linski or Linska - which persona shall I be?

Day 5 began with soft sunlight heating up the race car tent. Yeah I get to sleep in the gazebo tonight with Chris. Fair is fair.

My oatmeal breakfast kind of sucked but our group being wonderful as it was ate it up and had seconds. Found more TP string out around the front of the site. Wound #3 for me occurred when I tried climbing the spruce tree that held our tarp. Left palm under the majeur ripped and still painful after a heavy paddle day. Also injured my right foot under a rock. Nurse Cathy cleaned me up with the assistance of queasy quarin. Cathy says she is a klutz but she has absolutely no reason to say so. I Lynne Pajot claim the title of Klutz Kween but I digress.

Leaving David Lake toward Clearsilver Lake we all nearly lost our lives. The sacrifice to the mosquito tribe made, we deeted then zoomed to the next portage which we since today do all in one shot. Chris must be pleased. I must say I was very happy not to re-visit the mosquito portage.

Fearing shortage of camp sites on Carlyle we ate quickly and zoomed against the wind, stopping only for photo ops on beautiful rock faces and green stuff which C & K went on about with references to Servicemaster that had to be patiently explained to me before I got it.

Now we're at site 56 just near the exit of Carlyle and I must join the ritual of tent raising. "Do you want me to pull your tent pole or push?" is my entry for the camping pickup line contest. Good luck to all the entrants. Hope you all get laid.

Lynne also started her moon time, the influence of her menstrual systers too powerful. Yo sistas! Luckily organic tampons and pads are given as I came unprepared for the tidal flow. Chris, I'm sure, with another four days would begin to bleed too.

cr: Site 56 last night. Carlyle Lake

Karin's lighting the fire that Chris constructed. The mosquitos are moving in. The plan is to enjoy the fire as long as we can and then retreat to the big tent for scotch and shoulder rubs. Lynne and I just had a twilight dip in spite of the huge water snake spotted earlier on our expedition to the other side of the channel to climb the ridge and look at Terry Lake.

I love this campsite. Have I mentionned that? Yes. About a million times since we got here. I love the pink granite, the way the site is perched high above the water on a rocky point. The pine trees. the clumps of grass and blueberry bushes. the way the sunset tonight turned the whole thing golden. I love this site.

I carried a canoe today for the first time in my life. Felt great about it. Surefooted even. Am also trying to practice the canoe techniques that Chris taught me. It feels good to learn new things.

It's almost dark. The fire's nice but the mosquitoes are getting fiercer by the minute. How long will we last?

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