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loading love loading at portages oh my yes, how we love to load. And unloading. Could anything be more fun? No. I think not.
swimming in Killarney Lake

Highway 17 Eastbound, 7pm 7/20/01

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cmkl: So we did it. And we're on our way back. We woke up early today, like 6am early. We had a quick breakfast of bagels which staggeringly were actually good. We piled all the stuff into the barrel, which is now called Stinky (guess why) and were on the water by 8:20am.

We did the 940 from Carlyle to Kakakise very quickly. I think in under an hour. We hit wind on Kaka but we made it down the lake quickly and found the portage (the 1440 with the mountain at both ends). It was big but it seems to me we did it quickly. This one and the last one were one pass, with everyone challenging themselves with the loads they carried.

The 1440 went into Killarney lake, which is beautiful though badly damaged by acid rain. Karin and I made one mistake each when we got to Killarney Lake. Hers was giving me the map. For my part I misread it and we paddled past the turnoff for the Freeland Lake portage. Fortunately Lynne and Cathy were on the ball. Karin figured out where we should have turned and we didn't lose much time.

The moral of this story, and that of a lot of our map reading oopsies on the trip: "it's closer than you think."

We had a luxurious dip on Killarney Lake and a nifty lunch of what we'll call Cuisine du fond de baril. Tortillas are better than pita, by the way, in terms of durability and longevity.

The 440m into Freeland seemed to be over before it started. Freeland evaporated into George with an 80m hiccup.

We held off pumping water on George because it was windy and we figured there would be potable water at the George Lake campground. Out of a tap, no less. Unfortunately this is post-Walkerton/Mike Harris Ontario and there was a boil-water advisory in effect for Killarney Park.

We arrived at around 2:45pm. We rock. Oh yes.

We threw all our gear into Cathy's car and sped off. Not home, not to change, but to find water. I realized then what a huge preoccupation/obsession it had become. Counting the full bottles, pumping them full at every opportunity, checking the colour of my pee.

We bought bottled water at the park office, filed our incident report about the David Lake site, and piled into a single washroom to change. Raising more than a few eyebrows. "What? You mean everyone doesn't do this?"

Then we dropped the keys to the canoes off at the rental place and drove into the town of Killarney where we had fish and chips (or just chips if you're me) amid many millions of dollars of yachts, float planes and "pleasure craft". A different world.

Then we turned around and headed for Ottawa. Should be there by 10ish, if we don't kill ourselves laughing about what a great time we had.

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