Panorama of paddling
Panorama of paddling
Panorama of paddling

Campsite Etiquette

  • No gawking or body commentary
    (unless of a health and safety nature; eg: "I say, is that a sucking chest wound you've got there? Wait -- I'll fetch the baggie and the duct tape.)
  • No squatting
  • Leave TP under the lid.
  • Full rotation of tent and canoes.
  • Use polite language.
    Eg: "I'm sorry for burping in your face."
  • Divide all chocolate equally
  • Each according to her ability
  • No gorp/liquid backwash
  • Report back synthesis of small boat discussion
  • Frequent analysis of group dynamics
  • Share positive affirmations about group
  • Very little is too personal to talk about
  • Consensus at portage
  • Stay together
  • Do not follow cairns exclusively.
  • Consult map frequently.

Most hated camping behaviour:

Karin: Passive aggressive. Unsolicited advice on anything

Cathy: Unsolicited advice on anything

Lynne: The Royal Perogative. People who think they don't have to do anything

Chris: Cowboys and macho men.

Question: do we hate this behaviour because we see ourselves exhibiting it?

Answer: Fuck you man, I don't have any of these touchy feely problems. But if you want to do a better job of figuring this out you should see a shrink. God I wish I had someone to set up my tent. Oh, no, it's fine. I'll be all right without one. I'll sleep on these pine needles.

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