The best campsite
Pile o gear

Get rich quick camp inventions:

  • Nalgene bottle/pump that turns water into wine
    (aka the plastic pump action jesus)
  • Permanent (but unobtrusive) points for hanging food and trash.
    Would save some trees from injury, though if everyone switches to barrels, may become obsolete.
  • A site reservation system.
  • Combination therma-rest guitar.
  • Pre-greased tarp
    for impromptu wrestling matches
  • Freeze-dried scrabble set.
    Rehydrate, play a game and then eat for breakfast the next morning
  • Folding coffee filter with reusable filter
  • DEET proof bandages

Nominations for Gear Names:

  • The barrell: Maurice, Pork Barrell, Mother Theresa, Mother fucker, Mauril
  • Green canoe pack: Moe, Lowell, son of motherfucker
  • Blue hiking pack: Bonnie
  • Black knapsack: Blackie and the Rodeo kings.

Gear hits

Personal gear:

  • Lynne: hat w/zip pocket
  • Cathy: thermarest chair, see-through dry bag
  • Chris: MEC quick-dry underwear
  • Karin: Flask, toothpaste

Communal gear:

  • Lynne: motherfucker - smaller size, though.
  • Cathy: 2 stoves
  • Chris: dish sink, water pump
  • Karin: love/hate relationship with Mauril

Wishlist gear
(please refer to this list at Xmas)

  • Chris: second canoe bag with luxury harness
  • Karin: high tech tarp
  • Cathy: calomine lotion, tiger balm
  • Lynne: (eschews all material wealth and deplores gear fetishism)

Help us goddess of Killarney. We are re-entering "our world" although we much prefer yours.

Prettiest lake: Killarney Lake

KJ: "But it's so sad cuz it's dead."
CR: "But it just goes to show you."
Everyone else: "Show us what?"
CR: "I don't know. But there must be something."

Favourite camp site: Carlyle Lake (unanimous)

Campsite pickup lines

  • Nice overalls
  • Nice dromedaries
  • Well hung tarp. Are you?
  • Hope your tent doesn't go down as fast as it goes up.
  • I need a cervical massage
  • I have cheese oil (winner)
  • Bite me
  • Will you scratch my bites?
  • Is that a pump in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? (lifetime achievement award winner)
  • Do you want your tent pole pushed or pulled?
  • Can I lick gorp out of your hand?
  • Show me your stroke.
  • Is that a strap-on barrell?
  • Can I brush my teeth on your leg?
  • Skip the water. Just gimme your backwash.
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