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Before: Setting out from George Lake

Irene at George Lake: Looking buoyant, not to mention ravishing

George Lake: The sun going down on George Lake

Grass on George Lake: I like trips where there's time to futz about trying to compose photographs

George to Freeland: Portage photos are rare because we seem to be always trying to get moving in a hurry. But George-Freeland is so easy that I didn't feel I'd be dragging my heels if I turned on the camera

Olive Barrels: Achilles and Athena. Our food containers. We put them in Ché, our nylon canoe pack.

George Lake. "Gee d'ya think if I sneak myself in here I can get out of doing all those portages?"

Ottawa: packing is a precise science requiring not an insignificant amount of ritual humiliation.

Growing on nothing: Carlyle Lake. I can't believe what trees can grow in.

Carlyle Lake: I liked the colour of this grass in the morning sun.

Sunrise on Carlyle: A beautiful campsite. From big to small things

Loon over Carlyle Lake: They call as they fly, as if to say "I can't believe I got airborne again. Hey everyone, look at me! I'm flying."

Sunrise on Carlyle: Sunrise on Carlyle

Sunset on Carlyle: This is definitely the best site on the lake.

Across the bay: Carlyle Lake, sunrise.

Carlyle Lake, sunrise:

Reflection on Carlyle: Clear water in Killarney Park means that reflections on calm water can be strikingly sharp.

Irene on Carlyle: She looks tough.

Carlyle Lake: writing the journal: words like spit into a rainstorm.

Carlyle Lake: Red River cereal passes the vertical spoon test.

Bell Lake: Populated and busy but beautiful nonetheless. Some very popular trip routes start here.

Irene and Squeaky: Irene portaging Squeaky to Bell Lake

The Trolley: The 30m portage from Three Mile to Balsam lake has this cute trolley that lets you haul your boat, fully loaded from one lake to the other.

Water snake, Balsam Lake: It's not huuuge. But I did manage to capture it on memory card anyway.

Sunset, Balsam Lake: A not-so-secluded-as-you-might-think site, but very calm at this point

Sunset, Balsam Lake: I keep hoping for red skies

Sunset, Balsam Lake: ...though pink and purple are nice too.

Irene en route to Silver Peak: This was Irene's first trip to Killarney. And despite having hiked in real mountains in BC for four years, she was still impressed with the La Cloche range.

View from Silver Peak: A hazier day than last time I climbed up Silver Peak, but breathtaking views nonetheless

Silver Peak: is that Johnnie Lake?

The crowd on Silver Peak: We weren't alone, but it wasn't a horde either.

Mountain top nap: It's a bit of a climb up, so a nap was in order.

Silver Peak: See? We made it: Requisite "see we made it" shot

Detail, Silver Peak: I just love what the wind does to the rocks

Cairn, Silver Peak: What do you reckon this one is marking?

Irene napping: ...taken from one of the lesser peaks

Detail, Silver Peak: Amazing what wind can do to solid rock

Detail, Silver Peak: I'm getting carried away I think

David Lake: Sunset, David Lake

What are these?: Mushrooms? Flowers? I didn't know. Murray tells me that they're Indian Pipes.

Silver Peak. That Eastwood squint.

Sunrise, David Lake: We're on our way to Great Mountain Lake, convinced we'll be paddling in the rain.

Gem Lake: The mouth of the creek that feeds Gem Lake

Gem Lake: Irene looks at the Pickerelweed blooms

Gem Lake: We're on our way to Van Winkle

Van Winkle Lake: Very different terrain in the north of the park. Lower-lying hills, more scrub, fewer trees.

Cliff top, Van Winkle Lake: We camped on a small island in Van Winkle Lake. Lots of evidence of fishing camp denizen here.

Van Winkle Lake: Detail

En route to Helen/Low: Not sure which lake this was on

Nellie Lake: We didn't have the best day to see Nellie's incredible water. But here's a sample.

Detail, Helen Lake : I love ferns

Helen Lake: Our camp, including the tarp, hung with superstitious devotion

Sunset, Helen Lake: Not quite so dramatic, but there you go.

Detail, en route to McGregor Bay: In the unnamed creek that flows from Low Lake to the East Channel

East Channel: En route to McGregor Bay

McGregor Bay: or thereabouts

Irene, en route to McGregor Bay: Irene checking the map. "Are you sure we can get through here?"

McGregor Bay: Before the yachts. MEC catalog shot.

Detail, McGregor Bay: So many colours, textures, patterns

Detail, McGregor Bay: Pretty purple flowers

Detail, McGregor Bay: I'm reminded of tiger stripe ice cream.

McGregor Bay: Irene attempts to ignore the yachts

Detail, McGregor Bay: am I. By taking detail shots.

Yachts arrive, McGregor Bay: Surreal moment. We had no idea this would happen.

Our new travelling buddy: What was that line from the Bruce Cockburn song?

McGregor Bay: After the rain stopped. We're packing up to head to Baie Fine

Heading south toward Blue Ridge: Beautiful surroundings.

Detail, East Channel: En route to Baie Fine

Baie Fine: I'm really bummed that all my Baie Fine shots didn't work. At all. They were entirely black.

Detail, Baie Fine: Keep the camera lense away from the waterway.

Detail, Baie Fine: Don't look up.

Baie Fine: We had a nice campsite, except for the view. But we were warned.

Our travelling mates: Baie Fine. Same yachts. Thousands of square kilometres and they pick the same place to "camp" two days in a row. Go figger.

Baie Fine: The yacht parade. It's a beautiful place otherwise.

Baie Fine: yachts, schmacts.

Baie Fine: doing the bear rope. Happily, you can't see that I'm standing on the rope.

The Pool: Who are these people?

Artist Lake: No yachts here, though

Portage into Muriel: Not what the map says

OSA lake: OSA is a beautiful lake. Hard to get a site on it, but paddle it if you can.

OSA Lake: Two wondrous sights. OSA lake.

Mama loon: Gosling on her back. They're not hugely afraid of humans.

Our Killarney Lake site

Detail, Killarney Lake: Some day a tree will rise from this spot.

Detail: this.

Detail, Killarney Lake: Fungus on a dead tree.

Killarney Lake: Our last morning. Fog shrouded mountains.

Killarney Lake to Freeland: Tasteful portage marker.

Irene spies the portage marker:

Irene and Ché: Stockholm syndrome: is it possible with canoe packs?

George Lake: Obligatory "after" shot.

Just to prove, that yes, I did paddle in the bow. Yeah, I know my paddle's not vertical.

Killarney Lake, breakfast day 10. The non-oatmealness of this meal was too much to bear. The joy. The elation.